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2M lingo

Discover our new video remote interpreting and management platform, 2M lingo. 2M lingo allows for real-time audio & video conversation between interpreters and clients through a mobile application or a web application and a wide set of management features ranging from interpreter booking to invoices management.

2M lingo

In the age of disruptive technologies and industry 4.0, the interpreting industry is transforming towards a technology-based model where on some occasions the interpreters can realise their job from a remote location. The digitalisation of the classic telephone interpreting service has brought new technologies capable of rendering audio and video streams in real-time enabling video remote interpreting and a more personalised experience.

Innovative interpreting application

Our video remote interpreting service is powered by Boostlingo software, a powerful interpreting management software coupled with real-time audio and video stream features. This software has a successful history track in its country of origin the US and has been largely used in the healthcare, legal and corporate industries enabling hundreds of interpreting jobs to happen remotely saving clients thousands in costs.

2m lingo responsive

A full workflow from management to interpreting itself

2M Lingo complies with Australian Government Multicultural Language Services guidelines.

2M Lingo includes a specialised workflow that involves:

  • NAATI certified interpreters adhering to the strict Ausit Code of Ethics
  • 2M trained and tested on 2M Lingo Platform
  • Managed by 2M Lingo Technology Officer
  • QA testing by 2M Lingo Quality Assurance Officer
  • Administered by 2M Lingo Project Managers

Flexibility and convenience

Our services will be available on all mobile devices through the 2M Lingo mobile application and also through a web application. The application allows audio and video calls as well as audio calls from a landline whenever there is no internet coverage just as a classic over the phone interpreting setup.

The 2M lingo web application allows clients to manage a large number of interpreting jobs with a calendar and scheduling tool and a powerful usage tracking system. 2M interpreters can be booked and assigned to jobs and the web application includes an invoice management system that allows reviews and approval of invoices.

This technology is particularly useful in setups such as health interpreting, business interpreting and legal interpreting where the interpreters are not required to be present onsite.

Our new video remote interpreting service will be fully deployed in the next months but we already invite you to inquire about it and can provide you with demos on request.


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