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Christophe Vissant: The Marathon Man

How long would it take to run a full tour of Australia? You’ve probably never asked yourself because it sounds too crazy to even think about it. Well, for Frenchman Christophe Vissant it would take 178 days to run the 15 000 km race around the entire continent. Christophe Vissant is a well-known long-distance runner who decided to take on the challenge of running a 15000km circuit around Australia which will also establish a new World Record.

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Christophe already established some significative performances in the past such as being the first runner to complete an East to West run of Siberia as a part of his 7000km Marseille to Gorno Altaisk challenge. Australia will be his biggest challenge and a dream come true for him after a near-death experience a few years ago: in 2003, Christophe Vissant fell victim to a terrible decompression sickness accident. He then spent a week in a hyperbaric chamber.

The doctors’ prognosis was hardly reassuring. If the small nitrogen bubble stuck in his inner ear moved back towards his brain, they were anticipating at best, hemiplegia and at worst, quadriplegia. Christophe ended up regaining the use of his legs and since then he hasn’t stopped chasing his dream.

Between April and August 2017, Christophe will run at a pace of 2 marathons per day (84km) with no rest day and no matter what the conditions are to establish a new World Record and complete an unreal journey.

2M – Australian Challenge Tour partnership

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At 2M we have a certain taste for great challenges and when we heard about this we wanted to be part of the adventure. As we have strong ties with France and a European branch office in Paris, our French-Australian profile made us an ideal partner for Christophe’s challenge. We are the official sponsor of the Australian Challenge Tour and also the the exclusive language service partner.

As part of Christophe’s journey, we provide the English localisation of the official website, communication collaterals, press releases and assist with PR in Australia and France through our full-service digital marketing team.

This will enable Christophe to take his challenge onto the global stage and to speak local while in Australia. Christophe will be followed by French TV channel France 2 and by SBS radio in Australia.


Christophe Vissant training to take on the Australian Challenge Tour


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