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2M Language Services and Promitheia Procurement join forces to develop information accessibility and more transparency in global procurement best practices. Promitheia Procurement’s mission is to increase the profitability of enterprises with good procurement in an affordable way. The partnership with 2M, Australia’s leading language service and language technology provider with a global presence in Europe, South America and Asia, is taking the coveted online templates global. Translating and localising the templates allow enterprises internationally to take advantage of this innovative approach.  Combined with Promitheia’s online advisory solution, this approach offers on a global scale greater manageability of contracts and procurement needs working with procurement experts.

Localisation to increase global engagement

2M CEO Tea Dietterich confirms: “As 3 out of 4 internet users prefer to engage and purchase on websites that are available in their native languages, website and content localisation is absolutely imperative to drive global sales. Translation merely transforms text but localisation transforms the entire product from one language into another covering linguistic, regulatory and cultural adaptation. We are excited about this new partnership to bring the best of procurement onto the international stage.

Tea Dietterich 1

Tea Dietterich – CEO of 2M language Services

High-quality localisation coupled with a solid international strategy yields an impressive return on investments. 2M’s website and software localisation services are designed to bring products and content to new markets quickly and cost-effectively.

Jody Rowe

Jody Rowe – CEO of Promitheia Procurement

Promitheia Procurement CEO Jody Rowe confirms: “Procurement solutions need to provide a competitive advantage for business, Promitheia does this in an affordable way by creating value with access to best in class templates and procurement professionals. Partnering with 2M reaffirms our goal to be global and our mission to improve spend performance lowering costs and managing risk .

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