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The world of interpreting witnessed one of the most disruptive shifts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, Language Service Providers (LSPs) had to adjust to Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) via multilingual web conferencing as events and conferences switched to online mode. RSI has enabled LSPs to continue providing language support during virtual conferences and simultaneously created opportunities for more flexible and convenient conference interpreting. As a result of COVID-19, demand for RSI has increased significantly. As of November 2020, Zoom had 300 million daily active participants. By 2024, global web conferencing is expected to be a 20-billion-dollar market. Similarly, multilingual web platform Kudo accelerated its growth by what the company described in a release as 3500%.

As one of the few RSI providers in Australia, 2M Language Services has supported this transition through the provision of its multilingual web conferencing platform. The platform enables participants to partake in meetings in their preferred language, therefore offering an inclusive and seamless experience for all participants.

2M Training Sessions with Monash University Students

monash rsi 3

2M RSI Technical Training Session snapshot courtesy of the Translation and Interpreting Studies Program, Monash University

On February 24, 2021 2M Conference Interpreting Manager, Karine Bachelier and Head of Interpreting, Tamas Nyeste delivered a hands-on technical training session for students of  Translation and Interpreting Studies at Monash University about the rise of RSI. The training session introduced future interpreters to the 2M multilingual web conferencing platform and educated them on the use, technology, hardware requirements and recommendations for staying safe while using the platform. The 2M multilingual web platform provides a smooth user experience with specialised simultaneous interpreters and students had the opportunity to experience it themselves during the session with full access to available language channels and integrated relay interpreting function.

As one of the most forward-thinking LSPs in Australia, 2M is committed to training interpreters and future interpreters on RSI to enable upskilling of our workforce to what is becoming the new industry norm. 2M interactive training session at Monash University equipped students with the advanced tools and skills required for successful RSI service delivery, expanding their future employment opportunities within the COVID-19 era and beyond.

The way forward

It is safe to say that RSI is here for the long haul. In fact, since COVID-19 has proven the necessity of RSI, the future success of LSPs now depends on their resilience and flexibility to continue providing online interpreting services. LSPs with both online and offline services will therefore have an advantage over those that only rely on offline services. Increased recognition of the cost-effectiveness of RSI further suggests that the language industry landscape is changing. While we cannot say for sure that RSI has replaced onsite interpreting, it has clearly highlighted a convenience for all sectors. Not only does RSI enable flexibility for interpreters, but it also reduces costs associated with onsite interpreters i.e., equipment, travel expenses and carbon footprint and increases accessibility for clients.

Adapting to online settings

If demand for RSI is on the rise, how can we prepare current and upcoming interpreters to capitalise on this opportunity? The greatest challenge of RSI is the need for an advanced skillset to perform successfully. Appropriate training in multilingual web conferencing is therefore key to preparing interpreters to successfully adjust to RSI.

2M interactive training session on the 2M multilingual conferencing platform demonstrates how to use the platform to ensure easy use and confidence for any interpreter. Contact the 2M Academy team for further information on training sessions.

Interested in a demo? Experience the 2M multilingual web conferencing platform here.

If you are a university or a training organisation interested in offering such training for your students, please contact us.

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