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The countdown is on and from 20 – 23 March 2016 localization leaders will descend on NYC to discuss best practices and emerging trends in translation, interpreting, localization, and language technologies. Our GALA conferences are an excellent opportunity for localization professionals to learn, share, and network and I am particularly excited about next year’s conference theme, given the rapidly changing business environment and consumer behaviour and we just can’t afford not to anticipate how next generation language services will look like. Looking forward to hearing from you! http://www.gala-global.org/gala-2016-call-proposals


Conference Theme

Next-Gen Language Services: Changing Needs, Changing Models

The language services industry is experiencing a classic market disruption. The business models of yesterday simply do not fit with the demands of today. Corporations are dealing with challenges like tight budgets, short timelines, and the need for real business intelligence to develop globalization and go-to-market strategies. Vendors are coping with shrinking deadlines, new pricing models, and keeping up with technology. Both are contending with changes in consumer behaviours. And freelance linguists feel the impact of these challenges, and more. How can all stakeholders thrive amidst this change? What will next generation language services look like? Is there a way to create synergy and shared success? We welcome proposals from vendor and client professionals who are willing to share new relationship models, strategies for unifying and simplifying systems, and any expert advice related to harmonizing and optimizing translation, interpreting, and localization business models.

Tracks and Special Concentrations

The program committee seeks proposals related to topics of importance to our audience. Year after year, participants have ranked the following areas as most critical to them:

  • Technology
  • Sales and/or marketing
  • Senior management and operations

Additionally, we will devote special programming to the following topics:

  • Interpreting and interpreting technologies
  • Strategies and business models for corporate buyers of language services and tools

Session Types

  • Short Talks (a.k.a. lightning talks) 20-minute presentations of concepts that stoke conversation, debate, or curiosity.
  • Panels: Longer presentations with multiple speakers that address advanced subject matter and provide diverse viewpoints.
  • KnowledgeFest Sessions: Long-format roundtable discussions which emphasize peer-to-peer learning and require engagement by all participants. Requires a moderator rather than a speaker.
  • Master Class Sessions: 2-hour workshops that present expert-level, practical training in a particular discipline or topic.


Language of Business conferences attract professionals from all sectors of the global language enterprise: language service and interpreting providers, technology companies, corporate-side localization and globalization professionals, and researchers and educational representatives. Half of the attendees at past conferences have been top leaders in their organizations, making GALA conferences an important gathering place for thought-leaders, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs. GALA strives to provide content of interest to the various stakeholders in the language enterprise and we welcome proposals geared toward specific audience segments.

Submit your proposal here.

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