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In today's world, building strong connections with global audiences is essential.

Email marketing lets you promote your WordPress site and reach a wide audience. But to maximise the potential of targeted emails, it's vital to consider language barriers.

Language impacts the growth of your business. An impressive 64% of people are happy to pay more for a multilingual purchasing experience. Another 44% of consumers agree that language helps connect to the brand.

This shows the effect of language on purchasing decisions. And it’s exactly why you need multilingual email marketing.

Understanding Automated Email Marketing

Automated email marketing is the use of software to send pre-written emails to subscribers. You can send these emails based on consumer preferences, behaviour, or other relevant criteria.

Let’s say a customer shows interest in a product/service or abandons their cart. You can set these actions, and others, to trigger an automated email.

This approach makes it easier for your business to connect and engage with consumers. At the same time, it lets you gather data you can use to improve customer experience.

Other benefits of automated email marketing include:

  • Convert prospects into customers
  • Get in sync with the purchase cycle of customers
  • Access to data allowing you to improve marketing and sales goals
  • Better engagement and enhanced relationships with existing customers

The Power of Language in Email Marketing

The average person receives dozens of emails daily, many of which they don't open. Your task is to make your campaigns stand out.

Of course, the subject line and the content you include in the email are important factors. But so is the language you send the emails in.

Language is the key to personalisation. When you send an email in the recipient's preferred language, you instantly catch their attention. As a result, you minimise the risk of your email landing in the Spam folder.

By also providing clear information and CTAs (call-to-action), you encourage consumers to engage with you. Ultimately, this leads to more visits to your WordPress site.

Let's explore some other advantages of creating a multilingual email marketing campaign.

Captivate and Engage with Target Audiences

Emails sent to your target audience in a language they are comfortable with are more noticeable. But, you also have to consider who your audience is. If any part of your message is not relevant to the audience at hand, you stand to lose email subscribers.

Ideally, your email marketing tool should allow you to segment your audience into groups. You can base the email lists on the language consumers speak, their location, interests, purchase decisions, and more.

Increase Trust and Customer Loyalty

By addressing customers in their native language, you create a more personalised and relevant experience. This can help you foster stronger connections and build brand loyalty.

You should also adapt your email campaigns to the cultural nuances of each audience. By doing so, you maintain the trust of your customers. At the same time, you reduce the chances of misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Email localisation is the process of adapting email copy to make it more culturally relevant for your target audience. While your email marketing campaigns may attract your local audience, each of your target markets have unique consumption habits and preferences that are culturally driven.

It takes translation and localisation for an email to truly resonate with its readers. Email localisation should include:

Email localization

Boost Conversion Rates

Consumers are more likely to open an email with content in their own language.

But, there is another benefit to sending offers and information in the preferred language of your target audience. With multilingual emails, you have a bigger chance of converting contacts into actual leads and customers.

Expand Into New Markets

When you invest in a multilingual email marketing strategy, you do more than translate emails. You create content that is tailored to the needs of a wider consumer base.

This global traffic from multilingual emails to your site can help you establish a strong presence in new foreign markets.

Choosing the Right Tools for Multilingual Email Marketing

Email campaigns contain various elements you need to translate, ranging from the text to CTAs and popups. You should also aim for visually appealing emails, sensitive to cultural nuances.

To achieve these multilingual goals, choose an email marketing tool that syncs with your translation solution. This lets you create lists of subscribers and send localized email campaigns – all in multiple languages.

As a WordPress website owner, you have access to a variety of plugins and email marketing services. For a seamless experience, these tools should also work with 2M Language Services.

Fortunately, our integration with WPML offers more than a way to translate your WordPress website. The multilingual plugin is also compatible with many lead generation and email marketing tools.

This allows you to:

  • Create email content localised for different audiences

    It's crucial to work with professional translators that understand how to connect with global audiences. 2M excels in translations but also recognizes the value of localization. Our own website is localized for Spain and France.

  • Easily manage translation jobs

    WPML works with popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and the Newsletter This compatibility allows you to manage multilingual campaigns from your WordPress site. To send content to 2M, you don’t need to manually generate or edit translation files. You can send and manage the translation jobs from one dashboard.

  • Benefit from feature-filled email marketing

    Create eye-catching popups, forms, and language-based subscription lists with the tool that best fits your needs.

Final Thoughts

Multilingual automated email marketing can provide your business with a competitive advantage. With personalized multilingual messages, you can effectively captivate consumers across the globe.

WPML and 2M Language Services work with your marketing tool. Together, they ensure your email campaigns reach the right people in the right language.

By leveraging these tools, you can connect with global audiences and expand the reach of your business.

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