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At 2M, we strive to make language accessible and timely to anyone, located anywhere. 

Launching today, 2M Language AI includes three new products: AI Dubbing, AI Interpreting, and AI translation.  

AI powers our secure and innovative solutions designed to support customers in achieving fast and scalable communication in multiple languages. These products are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele, ensuring seamless and efficient communication regardless of language and cultural barriers.

Helping businesses scale with AI

If there are two things our customers value, it's quick turnarounds and high-quality language outcomes. Knowing this, we developed a new set of solutions aimed at helping teams do more with less.

For teams looking to quickly translate high volumes of content, break into new markets, or make their services available in multiple languages, without compromising on quality, our new product suite makes it possible.

How does 2M Language AI work?

2M Language AI products use the latest natural language processing, machine learning, speech recognition and synthetic voice technologies to understand, generate, and respond to human language tasks. Our models are trained on diverse datasets curated by human professionals, which allows them to learn patterns, context and nuances of different languages. Through continuous learning and fine-tuning, 2M Language AI products can generate context-aware and culturally relevant translations, voice-overs and interpretating.

2M Language AI Products

Our new products come packed with features that make scaling your content easier than ever before. Whether you're interested in boosting team productivity, increasing sales, or scaling customer support, 2M Language AI has the solution for you. 

AI Dubbing

Our AI Dubbing service is perfect for transforming videos, including promotional, internal communications, health & safety, video games or e-learning content, into other languages.


  • Lip syncing: AI synchronises dubbed audio with the on-screen speaker for a truly authentic viewer experience.
  • Voice cloning: AI analyses the speaker's voice tone in their native language and mimics it in other languages, creating realistic and true-to-original replicas.

Curious to find out more? In the video below, you'll see Rhian, a native English speaker, switch effortlessly between Arabic, French, Mandarin and Spanish. Watch how the lip-syncing and voice tone stay consistent throughout.

AI Interpreting

2M AI Interpreting revolutionises real-time communication across languages. It employs AI to provide instant, native-level interpreting for events and contact centres.


  • Real-time interpreting: AI interprets voices in real time, with customisable voice options ensuring clear and tailored experiences for diverse audiences at events or contact centres.
  • Instant multilingual support: Precise speech recognition enables smooth interactions and accurate understanding for event participants or contact centre customers.

AI Interpreting for Events

If you run events, conferences, meetings and want to make them available to more participants in different languages, we have the perfect solution. Our fully AI-powered interpreting product is custom made to interpret events into multiple languages in real time. Your participants can listen and interact in their native language, all down to AI.


AI Interpreting for Contact Centres

2M AI Telephone transforms contact centres into multilingual agents. Your agents can now speak to anyone, in any language, while AI interprets the conversation in real time. Your customers will feel like they're speaking to someone in their native language. This technology not only improves customer satisfaction, but also boosts agent efficiency and productivity.

AI Translation

2M AI Translation leverages the latest Machine Translation (MT) technology to instantly translate urgent messages, documents, marketing material, and technical information into other languages.


  • Context-aware translation: Our product understands and adapts to the context and nuances of the source text. Built off trained datasets and human translator-approved content, 2M AI Translation creates culturally and contextually appropriate outcomes immediately.
  • Scalable solution: No matter if you need to translate a few sentences or large volumes of complex information, 2M AI Translation scales to meet your demands.

Keeping your content safe and secure

Data confidentiality remained our top priority in the development of 2M Language AI. Our products include data encryption and adhere to regulatory compliance and ethical AI standards to safeguard confidential data. They are further supported by our ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certification.

If you're curious to know more about our data privacy practices, see our Security Statement and our Privacy Policy.

Get started with 2M Language AI

Ready to experience 2M Language AI for yourself? Contact us for a free, no-obligation demo of any Language AI product.  

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