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Improvements to NAATI Testing (INT) and the new NAATI certification system

Through the INT Project NAATI will provide a new system of certification for translators and interpreters across a number of levels and specialisations. Once the new NAATI certification system is implemented the current system of accreditations and recognitions will cease.

The industry standard will become certification according to NAATI. At the moment, the process for transferring currently accredited and recognised practitioners is being finalised, and comprehensive information was provided in recent INT sessions NAATI delivered across the states. Watch the video below to view the Melbourne session. The slide show can be viewed here.

The core objective of the INT Project is to improve the integrity and efficiency of the NAATI certification system. It seeks to do this by establishing transparent and reliable criteria for the award of a certification through a valid, rigorous and consistent process supported by innovative technology and best practice. For more information on the INT Project click here.

What does this mean for all our translators who were accredited before 2007 and were not required to revalidate?

The INT project is effectively changing this. All practitioners will be required to meet the new certification system design process and NAATI encourages practitioners to transition from the old accreditation system to the new one by waiving fees until mid 2018. This is an excellent opportunity to transition into the new system for free.

For those who choose not to transition into the new system, NAATI will not revoke their accreditation though. They can continue to practice as translators but need to keep in mind that the old accreditations will become less recognised at some stage in the market place.

Conclusion is that all certified practitioners will need to demonstrate that they are meeting certification requirements or otherwise their certification will expire. This is in line with certification systems in our industry internationally, as well as the standard practice of other professions across Australia.


naati certification system


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