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They will be replaced but by translators using technology

Language industry develops, this means future linguists have to develop as well. It’s a time of transition, revolution of technology. Not any different from those times when Gutenberg invented the press. Everyone was up in arms back then as well. The profession of a translator won’t be lost, but it will go hand in hand with technology including MT (Read our blog about Machine Translation). The entire job description has changed: linguists and translators have to integrate with technology and create multilingual content, work with big data, manipulate and change formats. The precious human mind of our translators is required more than ever: they need to be able to solve problems, be discerning thinkers, communication experts and have an excellent command of a variety of available localization tools.

translators technology

Job descriptions are changing

A whole new line of jobs is emerging: video editors, marketing researchers, transcreators, content editors etc. A translator who doesn’t know what XLIFF is, won’t survive as it is the most common format to pass on data between tools during the localisation process. Augmented translation processes are just emerging and will be the next trend over the coming 5 years.

FIT Congress Brisbane

Innovation and furthering our industry only happens within an ecosystem. Every player is vital, linguists, translators, editors as well as language service providers, language technology providers and language service buyers and training institutions and research. The FIT Congress 2017 which will be held in Brisbane from 3-5 August is a unique opportunity to gather all facets of our ecosystem and look behind the scenes, dispel myths and prejudices and simply learn from each other.

2M is a passionate sponsor of the FIT Congress 2017 and the 2M Team is looking forward to catching up face to face with many of their long term colleagues and meeting new translators, editors, linguists and industry colleagues. Come and see us at Booth#9 throughout the conference, listen to Senior Project Manager Tineke van Beukering presenting together with 2M CEO Tea Dietterich on “Localising into Rare and Emerging Languages” and be sure not to miss the Knowledge Fest on Thursday afternoon 3rd August which is a panel of industry stakeholders including Tea. The Knowledge Fest is an opportunity for the FIT conference delegates to have access to the full ecosystem of our industry as each component from talent to technology, from academia to accreditation, from freelancer to LSP, is essential and understanding each other and staying on top of innovation is key.


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