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covid-19 update

Today, more than ever, it is of utmost importance for professionals to find ways to carry out their work remotely. We have previously announced our measures and business continuity plan to face the COVID-19 crisis, we will continue to promote remote work arrangements to play our part.

In times of a pandemic, we must reduce physical contact as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect ourselves and the most vulnerable members of our society. This DOES NOT mean you cannot communicate with non-English speaking clients. The technology already exists and connects you with NAATI-certified interpreters remotely to provide language support for your staff, clients and patients.

Through our Video Remote Interpreting technology – also called Distance Interpreting – you can book your interpreter either on-demand or scheduled so you can continue to offer multilingual support just as you did before and with the same quality as face to face interpreting.

Try VRI for free

We offer a free 15-min trial session with our in-house team to allow you to test our Video Remote Interpreting platform. We also invite our interpreters who have yet not provided video interpreting to request a test video call with one of our team member to to train themselves with the technology and get some tips on how to best perform interpreting via video.

We are determined to push for this technology to be adopted and used widely by our clients and to keep our interpreters in jobs at a time of economic hardship.

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2M sits on the Whole of QLD Government Interpreting Panel (SOA) including QLD Health and QLD Courts as well as on State and Commonwealth panels including AFP, South Australian Government and NDIS. 2M is also the dedicated Interpreting Service for BHP, Suncorp Group and Allianz.

Some hospitals, courts and industry organisations have already successfully implemented Video Remote Interpreting into their workflows to increase flexibility, ensure business continuity, mitigate risk and comply with governance regulations. Most of all: to keep everyone safe and physically distant.

Benefits of Video Remote Interpreting

  • Same visual cues as onsite interpreting
  • Helps to maintain body language communication
  • Guarantees health and safety of all parties involved
  • Available On-Demand or pre-booked
  • Access to interpreters 24/7 nation-wide
  • No travel fees

Now is the best time to test and implement Video Remote Technology in your organisation. Contact us to set up your trial or discuss your requirements. If you are an interpreter who wish to test the platform and get tips on how to perform video interpreting, also get in touch and we will set up a test video call.

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